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Campton Hills!

Barb Sees A Better Future

The Village of Campton Hills government is here to serve our residents.
Barb will continue to listen, learn and lead our Village with integrity.

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No Village Taxes

Our village has never levied property taxes on our community. I pledge to continue this.

I will never support any attempt to institute a property tax in our Village.

Support Police

There are concerns about the new so-called “Safe-T Act,” which took effect January 1, 2023. This new law will empower criminals and depower law enforcement. I will fight for REAL safety for all residents of our Village and have the backs of our Village Police with our full faith and funding!

Open To You

EVERYBODY’s voice should be heard in Village government. From day one, I will make sure that ALL residents and local business owners in our Village are respected and included. My door AND our Village meetings shall always be open for YOU.

A Village for the Future
A Village for All!

Having lived and loved our Campton home for over 30 years, I am now running to be your Campton Hills Village President.

We live in a very special, unique, and engaged community, one which blends the neighborhood with the countryside, the modern with the historic, and the future with the traditional. 

Together we can make sure your voice is heard, listened to, and acted upon in Campton Hills Village government.

Working With Our Community

I have worked with the residents of the Campton area ceaselessly for over 20 years, working for preservation, community values, and responsible and RESPONSIVE government. 

I am proud to be your Open Space conservationist, , working on environmental and development issues that affect YOU and our area.

I ask you to help me continue this service as we face the challenges of a changing economy and culture, the need for renewed fiscal responsibility, and the need for openness and transparency in Village Government.

I invite you to join me in the work we have ahead of us. I want your voice in Village government.

Caring For Our Community

I am passionate about our community’s needs and environment. As Vice-Chair of the Kane County Public Health Committee, I helped oversee programs providing health care services for children and at-risk groups and programs to ensure a safe and healthy public water supply. As Chair of the Kane County Energy and Environment Committee, I promoted Green initiatives and maximize the efficient use of valuable resources.

Grants For Our Community

I secured/brought over $700,000 worth of grants to the Campton area and $175,000 for Fox Valley Special Recreation

These grants also included securing the $60,000 Riverboat Fund Grant for foundation repairs to Campton Township’s historic Town Hall

Most recently, I obtained the grant to stabilize and restore the historic one-room Whitney Schoolhouse to Whitney Park.


Barbara Wojnicki has deep experience in our community, working to represent Campton and Plato Townships, including the Villages of Campton Hills, Virgil and Lily Lake, for over 24 years.

She has always focused on giving back to the community, working on vital issues that affect our lives, our Village, and our future.

Listed below are some of her past and current efforts and involvements on behalf of the Campton area.

Barb is constantly looking for new ways to get involved in our community with other residents!

Working With Our Community

Service and Affiliations:

  • Campton Open Space Founder
  • Campton Planning Commissioner
  • Conservation Foundation Advisory Council
  • Corron Farm Preservation Advisory Council
  • Illinois Association of Park Districts – 20-year Member Award
  • Member of State School Impact Fee Commission
  • Campton Open Space Referendum Committee
  • Garfield Farm Volunteer

Kane County Board Member Experience

  • Executive Committee
  • Legislative Committee
  • Kane County Forest Preserve President Pro Tem and Treasurer
  • Judiciary and Public Safety Committee, Chair
  • Farmland Preservation Committee, Chair
  • Energy & Environmental Committee, Chair
  • Human Services Committee, Chair
  • Public Health Committee, Vice Chair

…and many more…

Balancing Interests

Long before our Village was created I learned to appreciate the amenities that our major HOA developments have brought to our community. We have all learned to value our rural heritage while appreciating the economic base and the value that local schools such as Bell Graham or the walking path through Fox Mill bring to our community.

Protecting Our Character

I believe in the preservation of our area’s semi-rural character. As part of Kane County’s Farmland Protection Program, 120 acres of precious farmland in Campton have been preserved for generations to come. Over 5,000 acres of farmland have been protected in Kane County as part of this unique program. 

As a former member of the Kane County Forest Preserve Executive Committee and Chair of the Kane County Forest Preserve Planning and Utilization Committee, I have helped preserve the rural and historic character of over 400 acres of open space at Corron Farm through a special partnership with Campton Township. Approximately 10,000 acres of open space have been added to the Kane County Forest Preserve during my tenure.


Barb’s tireless service for our residents continues to bring her endorsements from across our area.

Barb’s work in Open Space and Farmland Preservation, her efforts to cut government waste and spending, and her fight to represent the wishes our community against outside developers and special interests have drawn praise and support from our community and our elected leaders.

The following are just some of the State Legislators, elected officials, and Kane County residents who endorse Barbara Wojnicki for Campton Hills Village President.

  • State Senator Don DeWitte, 33rd District
  • Joe Garbarski – Executive Director Campton Township Open Space Foundation
  • John Kupar – Campton Township Supervisor
  • Mike Kenyon, Kane County Board Member, Agriculture Committee Chairman
  • Chris Kious, President Kane County Forest Preserve
  • Mike McCoy, Former Kane County Board Chairman
  • Alan D. Rottman, Campton Township Assessor
  • Edward Schreiber, Retired Judge
  • Mary Oschenschlager, Naturalist, Kane County
  • Kristin LeBlanc, Fox Mill HOA former President

Barb has even received countless personal thank you notes from residents who value the work she has engaged in:

Contact Barb

Have a question for Barb? Want to get involved with her campaign with a yard sign, or as a volunteer? You can contact Barbara Wojnicki anytime!


41W150 Brown Road
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